I have been on a spiritual journey since early childhood – always wondering, “Why am I here?”, searching for the deeper meaning of life, more understanding, expanded consciousness, greater wholeness. As I traveled the road of a spiritual seeker, I also became fascinated with emotional and holistic healing. In the last decade, my passion for metaphysics and holistic healing extended and expanded into a profound desire to be of service as I did my own deep work. This desire led into Reiki training followed by service to others through energy healing work. As that work deepened through time, I began to experience inner eye visions during energy healing sessions. On my path of inquiry into the meaning of these visions, I was led into a study of shamanism, and eventually into a two-year certified shamanic practitioner program. In those two years my gifts for “seeing in the dark” and being a heart-centered empath deepened. During my vision quest, the last step in completing the program, I was gifted with clear direction from Spirit to “do healing work.” That is how I arrived at this point in time and space with this calling, to be of service. My deepest desire is to be of service to others who are on a healing journey to wholeness.


Certified Shamanic Practitioner (CSP), Path Home School of Shamanic Arts:

Accredited member of the American Association of Healers:

Reiki Master; Reiki Lineage:
  • Dr. Mikao Usui Reiki through Airie Palumbo and the Mrs. Hawayo Takata/Phyllis Furomoto lineage
  • Kundalini Reiki through Judith Wade and Master Kuthumi as channeled through Mr. Ole Gabrielsen

BA Sociology, University of Colorado