House Clearing and Blessing

Many cultures and traditions, including Christian and Judaic as well as shamanic, support rituals or practices designed to cleanse and bless property, homes, and community spaces. This is because many people naturally sense when the energy of a place does not feel “right,” or they just want their personal or community spaces to be blessed. As a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, Sally is qualified to clear and bless your home using shamanic techniques.

Why Do Homes Need Clearing and Blessing?

Energy in your home can become stagnant and feel “muddied.” Many times this can be rectified by cleaning, de-cluttering, discarding objects that no longer serve you, “airing out,” allowing light in, and following Feng Shui principles in the use of your living space. Sometimes, however, you may do all of the above, and still have the sense that there is something wrong with the energy in your home, or you just want to “lighten” the energy of your home to make it more comfortable, peaceful, and joyful. That is when a house clearing and blessing are helpful.

Negative energies in a home can be caused by one or more of the following:

  • Even a new house can contain negative energy if negative energy was present on the land before the house was built, or if construction workers were angry or depressed during construction.
  • Negative energies often are caused by emotionally traumatic events happening to current or previous occupants of the house such as suicide, abuse, constant fighting, depression, or anger.
  • Energy imprints that are caused by intense or frequently repeated activities that happened in the past may be left in the home – maybe from before it was even built.
  • Ghosts, disincarnates, elementals, and other unwelcome invisible guests can also negatively impact the energy of your home with their presence.

How is a Clearing and Blessing Done?

Sally will perform a clearing and blessing on your home by first checking the energy in a diagnostic journey. Depending on what is found during the diagnostic journey, different techniques are used. Typically, the clearing and blessing will be done in two steps:

  1. Using sound (rattling or bell-ringing) to raise the frequency of the energy in your home, making the incompatible (negative) energies more “visible” or exposed. This is done in every room and closet in your home until the unwanted energy is cleared and released.
  2. Using the sacred herb of sage to purify and bless each room of the home once the negative or incompatible energy is cleared.

Can I Participate?

Sally welcomes the participation of any of the occupants of the home in the clearing and blessing. The ceremony is more meaningful to the occupants when it is personalized to their values and desires. It is important that whoever participates maintains respect for the sacredness of this ritual to assure its effectiveness.

Will I Notice a Difference After the Clearing and Blessing?

We all have different ways of experiencing energy. You may or may not notice anything different immediately, but should notice some positive changes in how you feel in your home over a period of several weeks. You may also notice a difference in the behavior of your pets, or visitors may comment on the difference in how your home feels.

Do I Need to Have My Home Cleared and Blessed More Than Once?

You may need to have our home cleared and blessed periodically, especially if stressful or traumatic events have occurred in the home. This is something that you can do yourself, but you may require assistance from a trained practitioner if you still have a sense of discomfort after you have cleared and blessed your home.

May your troubles be less
And your blessing be more
And nothing but happiness
Come through your door.

~ Celtic Blessing