Healing Journey Session: Soul Retrieval

Soul retrieval is done by a shaman or a shamanic practitioner in a journey to a different reality while in an altered state of consciousness. Soul retrieval is needed when soul loss has occurred. The following paragraphs will help you to understand shamanic journey, soul loss, and soul retrieval.

What Is a Shamanic Journey?

In a shamanic journey, the shaman or shamanic practitioner goes into an altered state of mind that is similar to deep meditation, but is done in a very specific way. When a shaman or shamanic practitioner journeys on your behalf, he or she states an intention to journey in your best interest, and then allows Spirit to guide the journey. Sandra Ingerman, psychologist and author of Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self, describes shamanic journey as an “interactive dream.”

What Does “Soul Loss” Mean and How Does It Occur?

In shamanic traditions it is believed that when a person’s life is out of balance physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, it is due to loss of spiritual power or wholeness. Soul loss is one way of describing this condition. Another way of describing it is as a loss of fragments of your natural energy system, life force, essence, or vitality. A psychological term for it is dissociation.

Physical, emotional or mental illness, or a series of problems in your life can be symptoms of soul loss. When a person does not have access to their full energy essence, he or she is weakened and vulnerable to illness and negative events coming into his or her life. Addictions, chronic depression, and suicidal tendencies are also signs of soul loss. The ultimate result of soul loss is death.

Common causes of soul loss are emotional or physical trauma such as abuse, incest, war, terrorism, accidents, surgery, illness or loss of a loved one through death or the end of a relationship. In psychological terms, part of a person dissociates from the body during a traumatic event in order to survive. Many people report looking down on their bodies from above after a serious car accident or during sexual assault. Part of the soul may not return to the body after such an event.

Soul loss can also be caused by less dramatic but equally damaging events in our lives. A few examples of this are:

  • A child constantly criticized by their parents
  • A fetus experiencing the emotional distress of the mother if the pregnancy is not wanted
  • An event that appears harmless to others, but is perceived as frightening or judged as threatening by the one experiencing it
  • Being unjustly accused of a crime or deviant behavior
  • Being fired from a job

We all experience soul loss at different times of our lives.

How Is Soul Retrieval Done and What Is the Result?

Shamanic journey is a traditional technique used to restore lost soul parts. The shaman or shamanic practitioner journeys into a different reality with the aid of their helping spirits to discover and bring back parts of your soul that are lost. After a journey is completed the soul parts are delivered into your heart and the crown of your head.

The results of soul retrieval are as varied as each individual receiving one. Shamanism works on the spiritual level. Just as an illness or other symptom of soul loss begins at the spiritual level and then manifests at the emotional, mental or physical level, healing also must begin at the spiritual level. Your willingness to receive a healing and your intention and focus on integration of returned soul parts are essential to the healing process. Integration takes time and is assisted by processing your dreams, journaling and meditating. Using flower essences, essential oils, sacred stones and other tools can facilitate integration. Healing may also require assistance from a counselor, psychologist, medical doctor, body worker or other type of practitioner.

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