Power animal or helping spirit retrieval is done in a shamanic journey. The following paragraphs will help you to understand shamanic journey and power animal or helping spirit retrieval.

What Is a Shamanic Journey?

In a shamanic journey, a shaman or shamanic practitioner goes into an altered state of mind that is similar to deep meditation, but is done in a very specific way. When a shaman or shamanic practitioner journeys on your behalf, he or she states an intention to journey in your best interest, and then allows Spirit to guide the journey. Sandra Ingerman, psychologist and author of Soul Retrieval: Mending the Fragmented Self, describes shamanic journey as an “interactive dream.”

What Are Power Animals and Helping Spirits?

In many shamanic traditions, including North and South American and Celtic, there is a belief that we are protected and assisted by Spirit in the form of power animals and other kinds of helping spirits. Helping spirits can include loved friends, family or pets that have passed, angels, star people, gods and goddesses, beings from the Fairy Realm, and tree, stone or other spirits. We are born with one or more power animals or helping spirits. Some stay for our entire lifetime; some leave as our needs change or our connection to Spirit changes; some come to assist us with specific issues, challenges, transitions, or to help with a new phase of our life. There is no better or worse power animal or helping spirit – each has unique powers and gifts to offer.

Another way of looking at your power animals is that they represent archetypal energies or energy frequencies that you can access. In the Celtic tradition each god or goddess represents archetypal energies characterized by one or more animals. Each animal species embodies different characteristics and strengths – a unique energy signature. These energies are part of your natural energy field when you are born, or become part of your energy field as your life unfolds.

What Is the Purpose of Power Animals and Helping Spirits?

Power animals and helping spirits assist us in many ways. Protection, guidance, comfort, and strength are the primary ways they provide support. Once you establish relationships with your power animals and helping spirits, you can call upon them to assist you anytime. They can become your close friends and helpers.

What Is Power Loss?

Many people lose access to their power animals or helping spirits. This can happen if a person loses touch with their spiritual center and is often associated with soul loss – loss of part of your natural energy system through physical or emotional trauma. Symptoms of power loss include physical illness or a weak immune system, depression, or a series of challenging events such as car accidents, job loss, relationship loss, etc.

Why Do People Get New Power Animals or Helping Spirits?

Sometimes people need to access new power animals or helping spirits as they experience difficulties such as illness or loss, or take on new challenges in life such as a higher level of responsibility or a new career. Sometimes we require a new level or quality of spiritual assistance as we grow and evolve emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

How Do People Restore Power Loss or Gain Access to New Power Animals and Helping Spirits?

Shamanic journey is a traditional technique used to restore power loss or introduce you to new power animals or helping spirits who are willing to assist you. After a journey is completed your power animal or helping spirit is delivered into your heart and the crown of your head. Your intention, time, and imagination are essential to develop a meaningful, powerful, and nurturing relationship with your new spirit helpers.

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