"I came to the session not sure what to expect. Sally explained what we would be doing and I felt very comfortable. I was able to connect with the child within and I know that has been very helpful. Sally also facilitated a Reiki session that is very relaxing and grounding. I would recommend her work."

M. J. Bedard, Counselor and Hypnotherapist


"My experience with Sally was a pathway for my inner expression to come forward. Done with gentleness, love and focus, I found the experience to be of great value during and after the session. My daughters also worked with Sally and found it to be loving and profound. Thanks Sally."

Susan Chicovsky, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive, Clairvoyant

"Doing journey work with Sally helped bring clarity regarding the spiritually-limiting relationship I was in and was a significant part of the realizations which helped me free myself from that relationship."

H. Newton, Certified Counselor

"Sally Beckett McCollum is a highly skilled and intuitive healer. I have experienced her work as part of a group that has been offering healing services to those in need for many years. She brings a humble presence that enables people to feel safe and nurtured. The group very much appreciates her visionary insights and non-intrusive sharing of delicate perceptions. Her healing capacity is quite remarkable in its' permeating effectiveness.

I have also experienced her compassion and astute insight first hand. She has made a significant contribution to my own journey toward living an awakened path of service and connectedness. As a personal recipient of Sally's gifted healing work, I trust her implicitly to hold me in a sacred space of wholeness and offer precisely what is needed. Her journey work is vivid, specific and highly relevant to the most transformational process I am involved with. Her hands-on energy healing is both gentle and empowering."

M. G. Shafer, MA
Spiritual teacher

"Sally is a compassionate and gentle healer who makes you feel safe and understood as she takes you through a shamanic journey. I felt as though I was experiencing aspects of my self that I had never seen before, and able to see new possibilities for my life."

C. Fountain, Teacher

"Sally found for me my very first power animal about a year ago. Since then, he has been with me to help, guide and protect me whenever I call on him. The experience was very positive in all respects. I am comforted to know I have a spirit to accompany me, and I was enlightened as to the possibilities that are open to me to get in touch with the spiritual parts of my own being. Sally has also cleared my house of all energies which I may not want residing there, and has performed Reiki energy work on me which has helped me to feel better. It's my intention to stay connected with this very talented and gifted shaman healer."

B. Summers, Food Technologist/Sensory Scientist

"My shamanic journey with Sally resulted in a soul retrieval, reuniting a piece of my soul lost ages ago, and brought me to a place of understanding in my life that my Self, my Soul, and my existence in this plane and lifetime is more expansive than I and my ego could have ever imagined."

E. Sloan, Retired

"I enjoy working together. Your guidance is vibrant and helpful. All of this information brings excitement and fun to the growth and understanding of my true self."

N. Dillree, Break Dancer

"It was such a pleasure to have met you and I can't express what a wonderful experience it was to cleanse this home. I'm really excited to know that I have a House Angel, I'm in a place in my life where I feel like I need that extra help and knowing that has really allowed some security. I am definitely going to bring crystals into the house, I look forward to being able to bless them on my own and find out where to place them. Thank you so much for your time and attention to my home, it means a great deal to me. You were incredibly informative, and I am excited to continue to practice the clearings in the future if need be."

M. Leeds, Accounts Payable Supervisor

"I feel truly blessed, what a beautiful experience - both the clearing/blessing and sessions with my friends. They all loved their journeys and felt very inspired from this experience. Sharing your healing and intuitive gifts with all of us is a treasure in itself. My temporary house is flowing with such joy, peace and love that I feel it!"

J. Faylor, HS Solutions, CEO/Founder